EDU : Confusing love to over strictness in the modern age

Dear future parents…

If you get too strict with your children, especially your daughters, they will want to apply for a far distance school where your “always-monitoring” eyes won’t get to.

I’ve not been to school but it’s a known fact that most bad girls in schools are the ones that weren’t free in their homes… They get to school and feel like a bird freshly out of a cage. They even get pregnant easily as they’re still sometimes ignorant of methods and procedures they’d have known if they associated with their mates at the right time.

They’re far from home, far from the love you claimed to give, the love you misinterpret with over strictness. You gave birth to someone and made them introverts on your own. They lack socializing traits and think they’re really introverts.

We’re the future parents now, let’s not make the mistakes our parents made… Be a coach and a friend to your offsprings, not a commander.
How can your child be celebrating freedom from you?

Written by Dimagu

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